Upholstery and Leather Furniture Cleaning Services in Dubai

Furniture is one of the most valuable investments in your home. Proper maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of your Upholstered Furniture. With passage of time your furniture gets dirty due to dust, food crumbs and blemishes of different types, which makes it compulsory to hire upholstery cleaning services. Professional upholstery cleaning services will not only increase the life of your furniture but also make it safe and healthy for your family.

 Upholstery Cleaning Companies in Dubai

There are plenty of cleaning companies in Dubai ready to do the job of cleaning for your furniture.

Different pieces of upholstery need different methods of cleaning according to the texture of the fabric. They will visit your home for an on-site analysis which is very essential to determine the methods appropriate for cleaning.

Safe and reliable cleaning of your furniture

After a detailed analysis of your furniture they will start cleaning with their especially formulated agents which are completely safe and clean your upholstered furniture without damaging the fabric. Their skilled workers will ensure that everything is done up to the mark. They will remove dirt, dust and germs from your Upholstered and Leather Furniture.

Protection and Deodorization

After a thorough cleaning they will deodorize and protect your Upholstered Furniture, so that you can enjoy clean and healthy furniture for a longer time. An invisible barrier is created around the fabric with a protective spray which provides resistance to dust, stains and daily wear and tear. They will also deodorize your furniture after cleaning in order to eliminate unpleasant odors.

Leather Furniture Cleaning

Not just your upholstered furniture but your Leather Furniture also demands a thorough cleaning on regular basis. It also faces the same dirt and germs as upholstered furniture. Leather Furniture has to face the additional challenges of lost moisture and softness with passage of time which demands professional maintenance and cleaning services. Many people try cleaners available in market for quick relief but they damage your furniture. Only professional cleaners use safe cleaners and moisturizers to give a new life to your leather furniture.

So there is no need to settle for drab or buy a new piece of furniture. Hire the services of professional deep cleaners for your Upholstered and Leather Furniture. You will get a clean that you can trust for all your upholstered and leather furniture.

Tips to maintain Upholstered and Leather Furniture

If you have kids and pets in your home then it really becomes very difficult to maintain your Upholstered and Leather Furniture. Proper furniture maintenances can extend the life of your furniture. Regular furniture cleaning plays a vital role for maintaining your furniture.

  • Clean your upholstered furniture with a soft brush to remove dust and food particles. Regular dusting will prevent dirt from settling into the fibers.
  • Don’t wash cushion covers in washing machine, it can damage the fabric.
  • Don’t place your furniture in direct sunlight as it can fade the color of your furniture.
  • Avoid placing newspapers and dark-colored blankets on Upholstered Furniture as it may transfer the color to upholstered furniture.

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